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New Customers: You can order 1/8th for $50 or a gram for $20
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 Costs for bud are:
$110/quarter  $200/half  $350/ounce  $1200/qp


Jack Herer – One of my favorites, Jack Herer gives a very happy, uplifting high. Many people (including myself) find that it is a great strain for creativity, thinking and conversation.

DJ Short Blueberry – This indica dominant strain is great for relaxing and pain relief, but won’t knock you out like many indicas do.

Lemon Diesel – This is a very potent sativa and will get you flying! I find the high kind of creeps on you. It has a nice lemon-peppery taste.

Dutch Treat – A sativa dominant strain, Dutch Treat gives a dreamy, cerebral high. Note: This is B-Grade bud. Still good but not AS good as the A strains. Because of this we will add 25% to the weight of your order for this strain.

Critical Mass – This heavy indica is  a cross between Afghani and Skunk. Excellent for nighttime use. Note: This is B-Grade bud. Still good but not AS good as the A strains. Because of this we will add 25% to the weight of your order for this strain.

Popcorn Buds This is all the stuff at the bottom of the tub after the big buds have been sold. Plenty of small nugs and very high quality shake. Strains are always mixed and random. $240/oz  $780/qp

Trim – I have some great quality trim all from quality bud. All trim consists of mixed strains. A good option if our other medical grade stuff is too strong for you. $140 oz $440 – Quarter Pound


Organic Indoor Sour Diesel – It  displays heavily potent characteristics of stoniness. Its 90% Sativa concentration yields a bright, energetic, and quite possibly talkative high mixed with just enough Indica calming to make you chill and thoughtful. $135/Quarter  $250/Half  $450/Oz (Sorry, No Sample sizes available at this time)

Organic Cannatonic x Lemon Haze – elatively new to the scene, Cannatonic harnesses great medicinal potential with its equal 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. What is CBD? CBD is a major cannabinoid found in almost all varieties of cannabis, and is responsible for the majority of medicinal benefits. Muscle spasms, convulsions, nausea, and inflammation are just a few of the symptoms that CBD helps with. Sativas generally have a lower percentage of CBD, while Indicas generally have a higher percentage of CBD. Even some of the heaviest Indicas top out at about 1.2-2% CBD. Cannatonic was tested at 7% CBD and 7% THC, making the medicinal potential for this hybrid unbelievable.
The Lemon Haze is used for its outstanding sativa qualities that make hazes so well loved. Although it can range into the slightly dreamy, this is definitely an active, clear, and emotionally uplifting buzz that is best suited to recreational activities. Medicinally, it has been reported as good for appetite stimulation and nausea. $150/Quarter  $280/Half   $520/Oz  (Sorry, No Sample sizes available at this time)


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