Shipping in the U.S. is included in the prices. Everything on here except the BHO Wax and Phoenix Tears are available to ship Internationally. Add $65 for shipping outside the U.S.

glassBHO Wax-  Some excellent quality waxy BHO oil for the price. Although not “A” quality wax it will get you plenty high!  It’s easy to work with, made with high-grade butane, and fully purged and cured. Made from mixed strains. 4 grams = $160 8 grams = $280  15 grams = $460  30 grams = $740

Purple Shock Tart Amber Shatter – An excellent fruity smelling shatter!   2.5 grams: $130  5 grams = $240

Cannabis Capsules – 100 grams of concentrated cannabis oil. The high concentration of THC and CBD, and other cannabinoids contained in these Cannabis Capsules provide relief from anxiety, spasms, pain, inflammation, nausea, and reduces the spread of certain cancers. Eating one of these provides a very strong body high and can help reduce or even eliminate pain. One of our best products for pain relief. The high usually lasts 4-8 hours. Choose from mixed Indica strains or Blue Dream.  10 Capsules = $120     25 capsules = $220  50 Capsules = $360

Cannabis Infused Alcohol:  Alchemical Solutions’ 190 proof neutral organic grape alcohol is made from only the best certified organic wines, produced both domestically and abroad. We use this alcohol and infuse it with 7 strains of cannabis before distillation. Will help eliminate pain, increase white blood cell count, and provide a calming euphoric effect. Dosage is 1-2 ounces. $100 for 25 ounces

High CBD Cannatonic Tincture- Made from 25% Organic Grape Alcohol with a 1:3 Ratio Cannatonic & Lemon Haze. Cannatonic harnesses great medicinal potential with its equal 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD making it great for Muscle spasms, convulsions, nausea, and inflammation and other medical conditions.  Cannatonic was tested at 7% CBD and 7% THC, making the medicinal potential for this hybrid unbelievable.  Average dose is 3-7 drops. For Extreme Pain, recommended dose is 15-30 drops three times a day. Average 10-20 doses per ounce.    2 ounces = $145  5 ounces = $295  10 ounces = $525

Blue Dream x Cherry Pie x Prple Urkle Tincture – Made from 25% Organic Grape Alcohol and 3 great strains. This has a stronger headier high than the Cannatonic Tincture. Average dose is 3-7 drops. Average 10-20 doses per ounce.  2 ounces = $145  5 ounces = $295  10 ounces = $525

Salted Carmel Sweet Apple Lolly’s – Delicious lollipops infused with cannabis oil. Be careful with these not to eat too much! (100mg each – about 5 doses)  10 for $200

Cinnamon Lolly’s – Delicious lollipops infused with cannabis oil. Be careful with these not to eat too much! (50mg – about 2 1/2 doses) 20 for $200

BHO Vape Pen Oil: BHO mixed with a small bit of glycerine making it ideal for vape pens. Specify Strain: Bluedream or Mango x OG Pineapple x Casey Jones  2.5g: $160  5g: $290

Spliff BHO Vape Pen Oil: 75% BHO / 25% Certified Organic, Additive Free Tobacco Vape Juice.  2g = $110   5g = $240  10g = $420

Spliff CO2 Vape Pen Oil: 75% CO2 / 25% Certified Organic, Additive Free Tobacco Vape Juice.   2g = $90   5g = $200  10g = $380

egoVape Starter Kit – This is the popular EGO brand vape pen. Twist the end cap base to choose your voltage 3.2 – 4.8 volts. Includes: EGO Vaporizer, 1g CO2 oil, 1100 mAh Variable Voltage Battery, CE4 Clearomizer, eGo Case and Silicon Wax Container.  $130

Certified Organic, Additive Free Tobacco Vape Juice  note: this is just tobacco. It contains NO cannabis!)
The essence of the organic tobacco leaves are extracted over a nine day period. This produces a real tobacco taste without all the tars and chemicals. I started making this because I was unable to find a real tasting tobacco vape juice anywhere else.  Made with a 50/50 mix of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene glycol. 4oz = $130   8oz = $240

C02 Oil – High quality oil made with glycerine for vape pens. Specify if you want in a grampule (for pouring in) or screw on cartridge. 2 grams = $140  5 grams = $300

Phoenix Tears: We have some exceptionally high quality Phoenix Tears available. Made with an Indica strain and golden honey colored. Our oil is made with 100% bud, but we do not have lab testing or know the exact amount of thc.cbd in it.  2 grams = $130  5 grams = $280  10 grams = $500 20 grams = $850

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